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“We can provide perfect tools for sustainable agriculture”

Elmar Buder

Managing Director

In 2009, the product AgroArgentum® was for the first time used and expanded rapidly among our first clients.


Back then, the feedback we received from our customers was that they were able to stop using fungicide treatments and they had savings of up to 50% on fungicides (cost) at the end of the season.


The products AgroCyprum® and AgroFerrum® were developed in 2015 and since then are available to farmers. Many decided to use the two new products based on metallic colloids after their great success with AgroArgentum®.


AgroCalcium® was introduced in 2017 and now is often used by farmers.

The whole program results in a solution concept that more and more farmers claim to be the answer in order to avoid the usage of fungicides for the entire season.

We provide the plants with the necessary trace elements that make the plants healthy, strong and tolerant.

Strong and healthy plants feel very well, are not susceptible to disease and deliver the best possible harvest.

In addition to best yield there is also the advantage that the harvest is no longer burdened with fungicides. Beneficial organisms used in sustainable agriculture work very well.

Our concept allows the reduction of fungicides and, depending on the type of crop and whether it is a protected crop or outdoors, their complete elimination. In protected cropping the elimination of fungicides is possible. As a result, the beneficial organisms are not harmed and do their job perfectly. Furthermore, in some companies (protected cropping), there is no need to use chemical insecticides. We work hard and intensively to further reduce the use of pesticide agents on crops.

No fungicides

No chemical insecticides

No herbicides

No growth regulator

Our vision of sustainable and residue-free agriculture is within reach

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Our Technology

“Our solutions not only care about the farmers' budget but also the environment”

Martin Heinisch

Managing Director

The company develops metal-based nanofertilizers which possess trace elements, such as copper (Cu), silver (Ag), iron (Fe), boron (B), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) with nanotechnology.


These products are being used to provide the necessary amounts of trace elements to the plants, which, thanks to their physical and chemical properties, are more bioavailable.

The key is the higher surface area of the materials within our fertilizers that provides more reaction site among the molecules, which facilitates the metabolic reactions in the plant system.

The reduced size of the particles allows more opportunity of contact per unit area, which leads to more penetration into the plant and uptake of nutrients.

This technology allows the use of very small amounts of fertilizer material to cover a large area, which helps saving resources and have less environmental impact. Our concept provides perfect tools for sustainable agriculture. 

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