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What is it?

AgroArgentum® O-Mix is an NK 9-6 EC fertilizer with the optimized concetration of all its ingredients. 

It contains 0,1% silver nanoparticles that keep the plant with an active metabolism.

The advantages of AgroArgentum® O-Mix are:

  • Optimized photosynthesis, which boosts the growth and development of the plant. More flowering and more harvest.

  • Provides the necessary elements, thus, the plant itself becomes more strong and tolerant to stress.

  • Less use of phytosanitary products. Production with less residues.

Application and standard dosage


AgroArgentum® O-Mix was developed for the use in all kind of crops. 

It can be applied by foliar spray, via irrigation system or a combination.

General dosage is 1 litre per hectare per treatment.


Please contact us to provide you with specific protocols.

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