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Better than organic: "Zero-Residue" of B+H Solutions

Stuttgart inventors rely on “Zero residues".

Central European households today can get fruit and vegetables that, on the one hand contain more valuable nutrients and, at the same time, no longer contain pesticides.

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Schnittlauch Rainer Wild April 2020

Is silver in nano range worth gold?

Rainer Wild, vegetable producer from Markgröningen, tells everything about his experience with colloidal plant nutrition in this interview with Gemüse Magazin (March 2021).

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Cannabis boom:

German growth booster for CBD hemp

B + H Solutions GmbH has developed a concept that puts a smile on the face of the CBD hemp farmers. Significantly more harvest, completely healthy hemp plants and early harvest. The CBD content is also higher. 

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Sad reality.jpg

Sad reality: Climate change is costings us billions

Long ago climate change became a reality. B + H Solutions has developed a concept that provides important trace elements to damaged plants and is capable of revitalizing them in a few hours. Producers can reduce the damage and save a large part of the harvest.

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Swabian inventors reinvent iron fertilizers

The company B + H Solutions GmbH developed a universal iron fertilizer that can be optimally assimilated by the plants and that is also inexpensive. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics, AgroFerrum® has an ideal structure, it is optimally absorbed by the plants and ensures optimal photosynthesis. 

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B+H Solutions GmbH at the Winzer-Service Messe 2019 

The fair for winemakers, viticulture, orchard and distilery, Winzer-Service Messe 2019, will be held on 27 and 28 November 2019 in Karlsruhe, Germany and B+H Solutions GmbH will participate with a stand. Come and visit us to speak about our products and solutions.



Pesticide-free public and private gardens are feasible

B+H Solutions develops a system that make possible the reduction of pesticides and ultimately, makes them completely unnecessary. 

Lawns, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants and flowers grown with this innovative concept are outstanding.

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Sustainable agriculture: concept protected by European patent

B+H Solutions was granted with a patent on its innovative solution concept for sustainable plant cultivation by the European Patent Office. 

The secret of this holistic innovation: making the plants vital and hungry and putting every single plant cell to work. 

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Swabians develop sustainable concept for healthier plants

Pioneers in nano- and picotechnoloy applied to agriculture, B+H Solutions GmbH gains ground with its vision: to serve the kitchens of Germany with pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.

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